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The world's first AI accountant

Automatically prepare ledger and financial statements for tax filing and business optimization.

Upload a bank statement. That's it


Automated Bookkeeping

Just a bank statement needed to prepare fully compliant ledger and financial statements. 


Real-Time Accounting & advice

Connect your bank account for real-time accounting and financial advice to grow your business.


Automate receipt collection

We will automatically pull all your receipts and match with the transaction for 100% audit ready.


Chat with your Books

If you are a CPA or Business owner, chat with your books and find insights and valuable patterns. 

Chat with your Books

Chat directly with your financial data to find insights and the information of your financial health.

Optimized for IRS, HMRC, and CRA Regulations

Whether you're filing taxes, managing accounts, or ensuring compliance, our AI understands and adapts to the specific requirements of each region.


World’s First Task Executing AI Agents

Our AI Agents Execute Tasks Including Sending Emails, Invoicing, Preparing Statements, and Filing Tax Forms.


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Questions and answers about our company

We are currently in Alpha phase and testing with a few organization. General release will be coming in July

Yes, we have an Accountant or bookkeeper version. 

Yes, we are also a small business and understand the time it takes to do accounting tasks every day. We will automate all of it for you. 

if you have any questions, please reach us [email protected]

AI Bookkeeping

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